Tips for Using Your Spa in the Winter

Spas in the Winter

There’s nothing quite like sliding into a spa in the middle of the winter when it’s freezing cold outside. You can combat the winter blues and make it feel like it’s the middle of summer by getting into your spa during the colder months. However, before you do, there are some tips that you should… Read more »

Tips for Picking a Pool Shape For Your Home

Pool Shapes

If you never gave much thought to it, when asked what kind of shapes pools come in, you’d probably respond “circular or rectangular.” After all, those are popular shapes for pools. Nevertheless, there are actually plenty of shapes a pool can be, including oval, kidney, figure 8, free form and the lazy “L” style. How… Read more »

Tips for Winterizing Your Pool

Winterizing Swimming Pool

Winter is coming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an endless summer, though? That way you could use your pool year round. Still, in Maryland and other nearby states there comes a time each year when it’s time to “close the pool for the season.” After the weather turns to cooler temperatures on a daily… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Jump Rocks for Your Pool

in-ground pool jump rocks

More and more people have gone away from installing diving boards when they have in-ground swimming pools built. Some don’t like the look of them, while others are concerned about the safety issues that are often associated with them. Nevertheless, fortunately, there’s a relatively new option for those who want to install something for people… Read more »

Reasons to Add a Hot Tub to Your Home

Do you feel stressed out all the time? Do you have trouble relaxing once you get home from work at night? Do you wish there was a way to recharge your battery at the end of a long day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you could benefit from installing a… Read more »

Things to Keep in Mind If You’re a New Swimming Pool Owner

Owning a Pool

If you’re like most people, the idea of owning your own pool sounds great. Who wouldn’t like the pleasure of cooling off in the water on a hot day right in the back yard? A swimming pool is a nice addition to any home or neighborhood, but just like with anything else, there are some… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Swimming

Whole Body Benefits of Swimming as Exercise

There are plenty of exercises you can do to stay in shape. You can go for a jog, ride a bike, or play a sport to give your body a workout. However, did you know that swimming is actually one of the very best ways to stay in shape? Here are some of the benefits… Read more »

Is a Salt Water Swimming Pool Right for You?

There’s something uniquely nostalgic about the smell of a chlorine pool on a hot summer day. For some people, however, chlorine can cause unpleasant eye and skin irritation that makes swimming less enjoyable. Fortunately for these folks, using chlorine isn’t the only way to keep a swimming pool clean. While some homeowners prefer chlorine pools,… Read more »

Enjoy the Therapeutic Benefits of a Home Spa

Enjoy the Therapeutic Benefits of a Home Spa

A spa might be a great place to kick back with friends on weekends, but this is far from the only reason to invest in a custom spa for your home. In addition to offering a new opportunity for entertaining guests, spending time in a spa can offer a number of therapeutic benefits that improve… Read more »