Common Inground Pool Repairs to Watch For

Pool Repair Services in Annapolis, MDAn inground pool is a valuable asset to any property and an oasis of fun for the whole family! Any homeowner who has or is looking to get one of these luxurious landscape features also knows that they’re no small investment. It’s important that you protect that investment by familiarizing yourself with proper pool maintenance and knowing when to call a professional for help.

Preserve the quality and maximize the lifespan of your pool by learning to recognize when you’re in need of one of these common pool repairs before they get worse!

Pump Problems

The pump is absolutely vital to the circulation of healthy water in your pool, as it facilitates the distribution of water through the filter to remove harmful dirt and debris. There are a number of potential pump issues you may face over the years, including motor failure, leakage, clogs, or even melting.

If you notice dirty or cloudy water in your pool, a decrease in flow, abnormal noises, or water leaking around your seal plate, you may be dealing with a pump problem.

Filter Problems

Your pool’s filter is responsible for trapping the accumulation of unwanted dirt and debris that comes through as the pump circulates the water. If it is not cleaned regularly or changed on schedule, your filter can malfunction and make your pool dangerous to swim in.

Symptoms of a filter issue in your inground pool include swampy water, algae growth, strange noises, and changes in the pressure gauge.

Structural Problems

If your pool is designed and installed properly, you shouldn’t have to deal with damage to its structure. Unfortunately, inclement weather or maintenance neglect can sometimes result in structural damage anyway. The most common issue is cracks in the concrete or tile.

Leaking water, standing water around your pool or equipment, rust around a steel rebar, and visible cracking and damage are all indicators of structural damage that should be addressed by a professional.

At VistaPro Pools & Spas, our team is trained to provide the pool repairs and rehabilitation services you need to restore it to its best condition. We’ll help you identify any issues, fix the problem, or help you take the next steps to ensure it’s taken care of.

Contact us today for your pool repair needs so you can make the most out of your backyard oasis!

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