Health Benefits of Having a Spa

Health Benefits of Having a Spa

Few things are more relaxing than an evening spent lounging in a spa. Who hasn’t dreamed of coming home from a long day at work and washing the stress away in a hot, bubbling pool of soothing water? In fact, stress relief is just one of many ways that a spa can benefit your overall health and well-being. Don’t believe us? Consider the following!

Arthritis Relief  

Heat therapy is a well-recognized treatment for arthritis pain. The heat of a spa in conjunction with hydrotherapy jets and water buoyancy makes for a great arthritis treatment. After spending time in a spa, many arthritis sufferers report that their joints feel stronger and more flexible. By alleviating the pressure on your joints, a soak in a spa can also prevent further damage from arthritis.

Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, roughly 31 million Americans suffer from lower-back pain at any given time. It’s a common and debilitating condition that can make it difficult to accomplish everyday tasks. The buoyancy of a spa session can relieve pressure on vertebrae and provide your body with an opportunity to recover from the stress of the day. The heat of a spa can also soothe sore, knotted back muscles.

Cardiovascular Health

Spa treatments can confer many of the same cardiovascular benefits of exercise without having to subject your body to additional stress. Taking time out to relax in a spa can actually reduce your blood pressure and improve your heart health.

As if we needed one more reason to spend a relaxing evening the spa. Want to learn more about what it takes to install a spa at your home? Give us a call today for a consultation!

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