Just a Few Highlights to Pool Installation

in ground pool Aside from keeping you cool in the summer and providing the perfect centerpiece to any backyard get-together, there are plenty of reasons to having an in-ground pool installed. For starters, the insurmountable impact installing an in-ground pool will have on your quality of life is immeasurable.

Family Life/ Vacation Spend
When you have a pool installed, it gives your family a reason to spend time together. Bonding on a hot day with a refreshing dip in a pool brings families together like no other activity. This also cools your heels when you have the need to jet set. There isn’t much better than posting up poolside with your own wet bar and appetizers. And not is it only a fraction the cost of a family getaway, you don’t have to deal with the inconvenient airport security.

Fitness/Stress Relief
In our fast-paced, strenuous and stressful society, there is no better refuge than elevating your heart rate. This is in great part because whereas stress drives up blood pressure, which is very strenuous to your cardiovascular system, cardio workouts drive your blood pressure down. This makes you feel much less stressed. And swimming is a great means of elevating your heart rate. With no-impact cardio, it’s also as easy as could be on the joints. This compares with running, which is very high impact and can ruin your knees relatively quickly.

Home Equity
Finally, having a pool installed is more than worth it when it comes time to sell your property. An in-ground pool as a permanent fixture can drive up your home value an average of $25 thousand, depending on the specific market. And in most suburban housing developments, where it may be hard to get an edge on market competition, a pool could seal the deal.

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