The Best way to Beat Our Hot Weather

Inground oasisWe Marylanders are lucky to enjoy such a great climate in a great environment. Our gem of a bay affords us the luxury of year round beauty and wildlife found nowhere else in the world. We are also fortunate to enjoy the effects the Bay has on our quality of life. But it’s no secret Annapolis area summers are scorchers.

From Frederick to Ocean City, we experience temperatures higher than most the rest of the country. Maryland is, in fact warmer year round than averages in over 30 states. All the measures for escaping the heat modern science allows must be employed to bare a summer in our corner of the world. And among the most effective measures for escaping the heat is also among the oldest.

And Maryland is far enough south the heat begins well before June and doesn’t end until well into the autumn. From May throughout September, our statewide average high never dips below 80 degrees. And only in January does the Average high drop into the 40s.

There are areas in the country with no more than 2-3 months of true hot temperatures. The Chesapeake Bay area is not among these. There are regions where you could enjoy June until the end of August without having the urge to dive in a swimming pool. Again, the Annapolis area is not on this list of regions.

In plenty of climates, having a pool installed could actually drive down your home resale. This is because in colder climates, the tradeoff for owning a pool simply isn’t there. Having to spend all this money to use a pool only 2 ½ months out of there year is not seen as a good investment for most. But ff you live in Maryland, having access to instant relief in your own backyard on those scorching summer afternoons is seen as valuable asset for most homeowners.

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