Taking Care of Your Pool This Winter

closed poolLate fall is an important time for your pool. With winter on the way, you have a limited window to protect your pool in the harsh winter months. Take a look at the following pool maintenance tips for winter to ensure you’re taking proper care of it.

In harsher climates, typically north of the Mason-Dixon line where freezing is pretty much a guarantee, you have to take extra precaution. This is because the pipes and motorized parts of your pool could freeze. The more water left over in your system, the more potential damage you expose your system to. This is why making sure you drain as much water as possible from your pool’s heater, pumps and hoses is imperative.

Keeping your pool cover clean and in good shape is also an important part of winter pool maintenance. Make sure your cover has no chance of coming off. Whether you have an above or below ground model, expanding ice could cause insurmountable damage to your pool.

Adding a couple of chemicals to your pool is also a good idea before leaving it alone in the fall. Some algaecide and chlorine should keep it clean, but be careful not to add too much. Because your filter system won’t be running, too much chlorine could cause bleaching to your walls. It is also a good idea to add antifreeze to your system, in the event of heavy snow or rain throughout the winter months.

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