Taking Care of Your Pool This Winter

Late fall is a crucial time for your pool. With winter just around the corner, this is the time to prepare it for harsh off-season weather while it’s not in use!

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Whether you’re working with an in-ground or above ground model, it’s important to make sure all the proper protective measures are in place before you close up shop for the year. Take a look at some of these essential pool maintenance tips for winter to ensure you’re taking the right steps to care for your pool this season!

Drain as much water as possible.

In harsher climates—typically anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line—you need to take extra precaution when winterizing your pool. Excess water in your heater, pumps, and hoses could freeze and result in cracked pipes and other serious damage to your pool. Drain as much water as possible from these systems and keep your water level four to six inches below the pool skimmer to prevent this from happening.

Keep your cover in good shape.

Your pool cover is your best friend and most valuable tool in every season! Be sure to keep it secure at all times, especially throughout the winter months. If your cover moves, the water underneath can freeze and the expanding ice can threaten the structure of your pool, resulting in costly repairs in the spring. Keep a little bit of water on the top of the cover to stabilize it, but don’t let it freeze or fill with debris. You want to keep your pool cover clean, so you’re not left with an insurmountable mess when it’s time to open up again.

Use chemicals wisely.

Adding a few chemicals to your pool in anticipation of winter is a good idea to keep it clean during the off-season. Keep in mind though that your filter system will be off, so adding too much might end up bleaching your walls or liner! A day before you plan to close your pool for good, add some algaecide and chlorine—an enzyme product isn’t a bad idea either. Run the pump for 24 hours to fully circulate the treatment before shutting everything down.

If you’d rather leave your pool maintenance in the hands of the professionals, Vista Pro Pools & Spas can help! Our pool experts can answer all your questions and provide the services you need to make sure your pool is ready for action when winter is over. Contact us today so we can take care of your pool or design a new one for you to enjoy next summer!

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