Things to Keep in Mind If You’re a New Swimming Pool Owner

Things to Keep in Mind If You’re a New Swimming Pool Owner

Owning a PoolIf you’re like most people, the idea of owning your own pool sounds great. Who wouldn’t like the pleasure of cooling off in the water on a hot day right in the back yard? A swimming pool is a nice addition to any home or neighborhood, but just like with anything else, there are some things to keep in mind when your pool is new to you.

The Three “Cs of Pool Ownership

Pools can’t just be left alone for weeks or months at a time. They, like children, need to be tended to and cared for if you want them to stay in good condition. For example, new pool owners should keep in mind the three “Cs” of pool ownership when they first get their pool: circulation, cleaning and chemistry.

Circulation is important because you don’t want a pool to develop algae or cloudy water that turns swimmers off and makes the pool look neglected. Pool water needs to circulate so that it doesn’t stagnate. Circulation allows the water to go through your filter, thus cleaning the water as intended. It also helps spread your chemicals around the pool water. In order to keep good circulation going, you should run your pump and filter all the time. That means you should leave it on overnight, and pretty much never turn it off. For those of you who don’t want to spend the money needed to power the pump and filter “that much,” then consider the next thing in pool care: cleaning.

Cleaning is very much accomplished thanks to good circulation in a pool. That said, you have the power to clean the pool yourself such that you don’t have to solely rely on the pump and filter running non-stop all the time. For instance, if you spend a little time each day using the skimmer to get things like bugs and leaves out of the pool, that’ll help. And if you can run the pool vacuum, do so. Even if you can’t brush, skim or vacuum the pool daily, if you make a point to do so on a weekly basis, that’ll help keep it clean.

Finally, there’s chemistry to consider with your new pool. Most people just assume a pool’s water is all natural, but that’s not true. Chemicals get added to pool water in order to adjust the water’s pH and alkalinity. Also, chlorine is added to pool water because it not only sanitizes water, but it’s also an effective algaecide and oxidizes undesired contaminants.

Having a pool requires some work and attention from the owner, but it’s well worth it when the weather is hot and sunny and people want to splash around in a pristine pool that’s well cared for.

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