Tips for Picking a Pool Shape For Your Home

Pool ShapesIf you never gave much thought to it, when asked what kind of shapes pools come in, you’d probably respond “circular or rectangular.” After all, those are popular shapes for pools. Nevertheless, there are actually plenty of shapes a pool can be, including oval, kidney, figure 8, free form and the lazy “L” style.

How do you pick a pool shape that works with your home? Ideally, you’ll have to consider the space where the pool is going and work within those boundaries.

Selecting the Right Pool Shape

For instance, if you live in an area where you have a very wide but short backyard, it might make sense to have a rectangular pool put in, to “fit the space” well. Furthermore, if you’re the type of person who likes swimming laps, then a rectangular shape is ideal. Rectangular pools have straight edges which give them a formal look. If you want to lessen the formal look, you can opt for rounded corners and/or an oval shaped pool. The straight-lined shapes work best for pools that are very close to a house, whereas free form ones (curvy) make sense “out in nature” away from a house.

When it’s not a circle but it’s curvy, then you’ve got a free form pool shape. A kidney shape is a typical free form example. Basically, curvy pools are designed to blend in with nature around them. They kind of reflect the look of nature, such as the shape of a tree or a pond. With free form shapes, landscaping elements are often added around the actual pool area in the form of trees and shrubs to make people feel as if they’ve wandered into a natural-made pond that just happens to be a man-made pool.

If free form is very natural and rectangular is very formal, then kidney shaped pools are a happy medium. Kidney pools are long ovals with an indentation on one side. The shape works well to provide both a shallow end and a deep end, along with space for a spa in the indented area. A variation of the kidney shape is the figure 8, where the two circles can mirror each other in size and shape or one can be slightly larger. This shape also works well for having a shallow and a deep end with the idea that kids know which section is the shallow end thanks to the overall look and shape of the pool.

Finally, the lazy L shape pool has a little bit of the bottom of the “L” devoted to steps into a shallow end (good for kids) while also having a long rectangular area (good for adults swimming laps). Since there’s space “inside” the “L” shape, that space can be utilized for landscaping and/or a nice a place to sit under an umbrella and watch people in the pool.

Call Maryland Pool Builders at 301-805-0119 to discuss your ideas about having a custom pool for your yard. Feel free to ask about different shapes available and what would make most sense with where you live.

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