Whole Body Benefits of Swimming as Exercise

Whole Body Benefits of Swimming as Exercise

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as lounging around in a pool on a hot summer afternoon. But relaxation isn’t the only thing your swimming pool is good for. It’s also a fully-functioning aquatic gymnasium! Swimming is widely regarded as one of the healthiest forms of exercise you can engage in. It also has a very small risk of injury compared to other aerobic workouts like jogging and cycling. So why should you start swimming this summer?

Cardiovascular Health

By increasing our pulse for prolonged periods of time, swimming helps to strengthen the heart and improve the body’s inflammatory response. Over time, this aerobic exercise can significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Relieve Joint Pain

Jogging might be a pretty good aerobic workout, but it’s hard on your knees. Swimming, on the other hand, exercises muscles without putting excessive strain on joints and ligaments. Because you’re effectively weightless in water, swimming is a great way to get a solid workout without taxing your joints.

Improved Flexibility

Swimming uses muscles you probably didn’t know you had. It also forces you to engage your limbs in their full range of motion, stretching and strengthening your muscles in the process. This constant, full-body motion will help you become more limber and flexible, and less prone to injury,

Burn Calories

Because water is many times denser than air, swimming is also a very efficient calorie-burning workout. Even if you’re not swimming very strenuously, you’re still facing constant resistance from the water you’re moving through. A relatively leisurely swim can burn about 500 calories in an hour. A more vigorous effort can burn closer to 1000 calories per hour!

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