Why Swimming Is One of the Best Types of Exercise for Your Body

Swimming Pool Design & Installation in Annapolis, MDHanging out in your pool on a hot summer afternoon sounds like a great way to laze around and cool off (and it totally is). But your swimming pool is more than just a backyard oasis where you can slow things down and take it easy—it’s also a fully functioning aquatic gymnasium!

Curious about why swimming is widely regarded as one of the most effective full-body workouts you can get? These are some of the major health benefits this fun exercise has to offer!

Swimming is great cardio.

Getting your heart rate up with a good swim is an extremely effective way to strengthen your heart and lungs. Swimming regularly will also improve your body’s inflammatory response, and even reduce your risk of heart disease by helping to lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

It’s easy on your joints.

People with chronic injuries, arthritis, and other health issues that make it difficult to engage in high-impact exercise can hop in the pool for a safe alternative! Swimming exercises your muscles without putting excessive strain on joints and ligaments, thanks to the buoyant effects of water. Routinely working these stiff muscles can also help reduce chronic joint pain and promote recovery.

Your flexibility will improve.

Swimming uses muscles you probably didn’t even know you had. It also forces you to engage your limbs in their full range of motion, stretching and strengthening your muscles in the process. This constant, full-body motion will help you become more limber and flexible, and less prone to injury!

You’ll burn a lot of calories.

Swimming is one of the most efficient low-impact exercises when it comes to calories burned. Even at a low to moderate pace, an hour-long swim can torch over 400 calories for someone of average height and weight! If you really push your laps, you can burn twice that amount.

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