Why You Should Consider Jump Rocks for Your Pool

More and more people have gone away from installing diving boards when they have in-ground swimming pools built. Some don’t like the look of them, while others are concerned about the safety issues that are often associated with them. Nevertheless, fortunately, there’s a relatively new option for those who want to install something for people to jump off of into their pool without having to go the diving board route. Jump rocks are becoming very popular—and for good reason. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider jump rocks for your pool.

They look great and add a decorative feature to any outdoor space.

Diving boards have fallen out of favor among many pool owners because of their basic and, in many cases, ugly design. They just don’t look all that attractive. You can’t say the same for jump rocks. Even if you don’t ever use them for jumping, jump rocks are beautiful and will enhance your backyard space and pool area.

They are safer than a diving board.

in-ground pool jump rocksDiving boards can be unsafe because of the fact that they propel people upwards and, in some cases, sideways when they jump off of them. Jump rocks don’t have much give to them, so you won’t have to worry about people having an accident as a result of being propelled. Of course, people will still need to be careful on them when jumping from them. But there is less risk associated with jump rocks when compared to diving boards.

They can be paired with other cool water features.

When you install jump rocks, you can also install a waterfall or some other cool water feature to finish off the look. You can also design the jump rocks in whatever way you want to best fit your outdoor area. You will be blown away by how amazing the space looks once it’s all finished.

Vista Pro Pools & Spas can help you put together the best possible design for the jump rocks surrounding your pool. To get started, call us at 301-805-0119 today.

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